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FitnessMAD™ - Evolution Yoga Mat Plus - Geen Phthalaat - Latexvrij - Dikte 6mm - Blauw/Grijs

(Artikelnr: BW-FM-YMATTPE6BLUGRY / 5060045904393)
This deluxe version of the Evolution Yoga Mat offers a third extra thickness and cushioning this makes it ideal for those needing more comfort than that offered by a standard yoga mat. ;The Evolution Yoga Mat is the next generation of yoga mat combining excellent grip with a supersoft touch whislt also maintaining a stylish double-sided design. The mat is very light making it easy to transport. Equally important is the TPE material used in its manufacture, its kinder to the environment compared to the PVC used in normal yoga mats. It is also recyclable and degradable. ;The mat comes with a convenient colour co-ordinated carry string.

Product details:
Dimensions: 183cm x 60cm x 6mm
Weight: 1.1kg
Material: TPE (thermo plastic elastomer: recyclable and degradable. ;No internal mesh as the mat is independently stretch resistant.

Free from: PVC and Latex

Care instructions: The Yoga-Mad Evolution yoga mat is made from closed cell foam (TPE) so it is non-absorbent. To clean your mat simply wipe clean using a clean damp cloth and a small amount of eco-friendly soap with water. DO NOT use harsh chemicals on your mat.


BW-FM-YMATTPE6BLUGRY / 5060045904393 

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